Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Integral Transformation Group, Inc., is a transformative management group that gives organizations and its people alternative forms of managing and living life to the fullest using various Western and Eastern disciplines and concepts. Formed 1992, ITG-TheGroup extends management services, education and training, and advocacy activities in the areas of: total quality management-ISO implementation, organic agriculture, cooperatives, sustainable development, Vedic culture, good governance, strategic management, institutional development, among others. Starting 1998, it came to evolve into “a coalition of people and organizations involved in the Alternative Movements.” Sometimes people call this coalition or conspiracy) as: Friends of The Group (FOG).
ITG-TheGroup invites people to participate in investing ourselves in a task of historic proportions. That is, an opportunity to “transform humanity” through collective and personal actions. Transformation, is, literally, a forming over, a restructuring. By transformation we speak of the transformation of people — specifically the transformation of consciousness. In this context consciousness does not mean simple waking awareness. Here it refers to the state of being conscious of one’s consciousness. You are keenly aware that you have awareness. In effect, this is a new perspective that sees other perspectives — a paradigm shift.
(in’te gral) adj.
Whole; entire; complete; as in
1) multi-cultural and cross-disciplinary studies;
2) bridging Eastern and Western traditions of knowledge;
3) incorporating analytical, experiential and practical ways of knowing;
4) joining the transpersonal and spiritual dimensions of life with community service; blending of religious and spiritual values with the benefits of modern technology;
5) joining the variables and factors of development with the goals and objectives of the organization and its people.
Many people and groups have tried using the term “integral” in an attempt to place together a potpourri of traditions or disciplines. But for ITG-TheGroup even the Sanskrit word “dharma” may fit, but not entirely. The nearest word it can come to is the Latin word, integratus — something blended into a cohesive whole. The nexus of Integral Transformation Group’s is the blending of all the above descriptions and meanings of integral and transformation, a process of self-organization that applies to both external and internal evolution, a process in which consciousness and culture are blended and entangled together harmoniously, as are nature and self. Emerging from this harmonious blend is a philosophy, a way of life for the 21st century and centuries to come. Integral Transformation has come to evolve not only as a conspiracy and coalition of people and organizations of the “alternative movement”, but truly the philosophical and spiritual hope for the future of mankind using various alternative disciplines, methodologies, persuasions, sciences and modes that captures the true essence of integral transformation. This paradigm shift is reflected in changing patterns of work, career choice, consumption, vocation, governance and evolving lifestyle that takes advantage of synergy, cooperation, alignment and creativity. This is the raison d’etre of Integral Transformation Group, Inc.
ITG-TheGroup deals with issues of humanization and the emergence of an awareness that we are all one family living in one world that shares a common destiny. ITG-TheGroup represents social, political, economic, psychological and spiritual efforts to recognize and include all that modern society has tended to exclude: the poor, the dispossessed, the feminine, the ecological, animal rights and protection, psychological pains, labor-management partnership, quality management, international accountability and transparency, among others. We integrate all these hidden and suppressed elements of our personal and collective lives so that we may individually and as a species achieve “wholeness.” It is a redefinition of humanity’s role within creation, emphasizing our servanthood, rather than our mastery, our stewardship rather than our dominion.
Integral Transformation Group, Inc. calls on government, business industry, academe, private groups, financial and development institutions, religious and spiritual groups around the globe to use Integral Transformation’s eight cornerstones of development as one’s working principles in thoughts, words and deeds. ITG-TheGroup believes that if we only respect and imbibe the eight cornerstones of integral transformation, profound change and authentic empowerment can take place within a person, family, organization, government, society or nation.
Integral Transformation Cornerstones of Development
• Growth does not trickle down, so development efforts must address human needs directly.
• Development does not start with goods, it starts with people, and their education, organization, and discipline.
• No one policy will spur development, an integral transformation approach is needed.
• Sustainable development and humanistic management must be socially inclusive and flexible enough to adopt to changing environment.
• Man’s real nature is divine; man is basically an embody spirit who is the servant of his Creator and steward of Mother Nature.
• The aim of human life is to realize that this divinity is within us and realize its identity with the transcendent Godhead.
• All religions, though apparently separated by theological differences of creed and various dogmas, are essentially or mystically the same; no one tradition or religion can claim monopoly of the Absolute Truth or God.
• Development to be authentic must start from within the hearts of men; only through a new mind can humanity remake itself and the potential for such a new mind is natural.
(Rafael Pablo M. Fernando, March 1992)